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Duo Abides 

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Duo Abides offers soprano Katherine Lerner Lee and clarinetist Colin Roshak the opportunity to develop small-scale, intimate projects with a central desire for deep musical exploration and expression. Through close study of text and music, the duo hopes to celebrate their musical community and to share with a broader audience their values of musical excellence, storytelling and joy. As a duo, Katherine and Colin develop new works and refashion existing repertoire for this uncommon instrumentation through live performance, recording and close collaboration with living composers.

Dating back to 2017, Lerner Lee and Roshak have performed together many times and have presented pieces ranging from chamber music to song cycles with full orchestra. Their work as a duo began formally in 2022 with the performance and subsequent recording of Lori Laitmans’ I Never Saw Another Butterfly. In the fall of 2024, Duo Abides will release their first full length album comprising new works for clarinet and soprano by early-career composers based in New York City.

“Katie and Colin’s live May 2022 recording [I Never Saw Another Butterfly] from Bard College is one of the finest I have heard. It is rare for artists of any age to capture a composer’s intentions, but they have done so. Their gorgeous sounds merge in a performance of artistic depth, full of expression and imagination. I am so grateful.”


 Lori Laitman, composer 

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