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Iolanthe, 2023 (Leila)

Fisher Center, Sosnoff Theater                           Director: Emily Cuk

Gilbert & Sullivan                                               Conductor: James Bagwell  with The Orchestra Now

The Final Veil, 2022 *world premiere*

The Cell Theater, NYC                                                                          Conductor: Micah Gleason 

Composer: JL Marlor                                                                             Scenic Design: Dan Daly

Director: Cassandra Rosebeetle                                                             Lighting Design: Ayumu "Poe" Saegusa

Choreography: Katherine Crockett and Cassandra Rosebeetle                    

photography by Frank Padrone

The Cunning Little Vixen, 2022 (Gold-Spur)

Fisher Center, Sosnoff Theater                                   Conductor: James Bagwell with The Orchestra Now

Director & Designer: Doug Fitch                                Lighting Design: Masha Tsimring

Hair/Makeup: Jennifer Donovan

photography by Chris Kendall